2005 Board of Directors

Acting President Portrait coming soon. Chris Chapman is a musician with the Robson Valley's favourite band, mamaguroove. He has taken over the Presidency after Larry Stamm became the new Executive sirector of FHA.

Treasurer Roy Howard is a founding member of the Fraser Headwaters Alliance and has been actively involved in conservation in the Robson Valley for over 15 years. His experience has included participating in the Robson Valley Local Land Use Planning process, Land and Resource Management Planning roundtable (LRMP), and the Enhanced Forest Management Planning Process (EFMPP). As well, he serves on the board of both the Dunster Community Association and Hike Canada en Marche (The National Hiking Trail). Roy holds a B.Sc. in zoology from the University of California at Davis. Roy recently stepped down as Executive Director of FHA to start his own alternative energy company.
Secretary Jill Howard is a high school math and science teacher. She has worked on environmental stewardship projects in the Robson Valley for many years including coordinating the award-winning Dunster Environmental Student Committee and representing environmental interests at the LRMP planning process. Jill holds a B.Sc. in child psychology from the University of California at Davis.

Karsten Heuer works as a seasonal park warden, wildlife biologist, public speaker, and writer. He is currently working on his second book, chronicling the 5- month trek that he and wife Leanne Allison recently undertook with an arctic caribou herd ( His first book, Walking the Big Wild, was about an 18-month trip by foot and ski from Yellowstone, Wyoming to the Yukon, investigating the plausibility of a proposed network of reserves and connecting wildlife corridors along the Rocky Mountains. When not following wild animals, Karsten is based in Dunster, BC.

Hermann Barthel worked for 20 years as a horticultural technician at the University of Alberta’s Botany Phytotron department. Now retired, he lives in Tete Jaune cache and is actively involved in the debate over logging development above his home. Hermann joined FHA’s board in 2002.
Keith Berg has been a member of FHA since moving to the Dunster area in 1993. Keith is a musician and musical instrument maker, hand making custom French Horns for many of the world's top horn players. He also has a keen interest in hiking, skiing, nutrition and fitness. He and his wife, Jane Houlden, have two amazing children, Erik and Laurel. As a devoted father, he strongly feels that it is our responsibility to pass on a clean, healthy, biologically diverse environment to our children. Their futures depend on it.
David Marchant is a 26 year resident of the Robson Valley. After spending 4 years teaching in two room schools, he spent 23 years mapping for the Ministry of Forests. With the closing of the local Forestry Office, he took an early retirement package, and would like to dedicate some of his free time to protecting the plants and animals of this beautiful valley for future generations. David has an interest in video and graphic arts and is probably best know for his cartoons, which have been appearing in the local paper for the past 20 years.
Nancy Taylor has focused on working with women and children for over thirty years. She works for the Robson Valley Home Support Society as the "Stopping the Violence" Councellor, where she provides counseling, advocacy and support to women who have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence. Nancy is currently involved in regional projects to address the impacts of violence on women's health and works on community coordination for women's safety. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Women's Studies in 2001.
Nancy also volunteers with the Three Valleys Community Development Co-op. Her three children have recently flown the coop and now she enjoys her empty nest in Dunster and various outdoor activities around the valley.

Carol Anne Wood is an accomplished naturalist who participated in the Northern Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism Program. She has a long history of interpretive experience at the Calgary Zoo and a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. She and her husband, Ernie Romanow, own and guide for Hike Inc., a hike guiding outfit based out of The Robson Valley. Together they have nearly 50 years of hiking and backpacking experience, and the stories to prove it!.

barb.jpg Barb Zimmer is a local naturalist and tireless campaigner for our regions's natural heritage.

Portrait coming soon. Ken Redmond has taught school for many years in the Robson Valley, and is cuurently on the board of the McBride Library.

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