Breaking News - WLAP proposes a Wildlife Habitat Area for Bull Trout in the Goat River Watershed

The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection has just proposed the development of a Wildlife Habitat Area for bull trout in the Headwaters Forest District, located in the upper Goat and Macleod Rivers (see map). The proposed Wildlife Habitat Area will serve to protect critical habitat for this species at risk.

The WHA has been designed to encompass all spawning habitat identified as of high or medium significance by WLAP Fisheries staff within the upper reaches of these systems. The general wildlife measures associated with this WHA are as set out in the document "Accounts and Measures for Managing Identified Wildlife" (Version 2004). The goals of these measures are to:

The Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection is calling for comments on this proposed Wildlife management area. Currently, according to the Valley Sentinel, McBride Forest Industries Ltd. (MFI) has successfully lobbied the McBride Village Council who, according to an article by Sylvie Paillard of the Valley Sentinel, oppose the proposal. FHA president, Karsten Heuer, denounced the Village's support in a letter to the Valley Sentinel. Please write to Doug Wilson at the address below and let WLAP know that you agree with FHA and disagree with the Village of McBride. Tell them that you beleive that the proposed WHA is critical for the survival of Bull Trout, a species at risk. You can personalize and use our letter template or write your own letter

Doug Wilson
Wildlife Biologist
Fish and Wildlife Science and Allocation Section
4051 18th Avneue
Prince George BC
(250) 614-9926


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