Fraser Headwaters Alliance Bursary

The Fraser Headwaters Alliance offers an annual bursary for a secondary school graduate from each of McBride and Valemount Secondary Schools. Candidates must demonstrate some level of commitment to environmental stewardship and be planning to attend a post-secondary institution the following year.

To apply for the bursary, interested students must submit a short (300-500 word) essay outlining their concern for the environment and describing ways in which they have contributed to environmental stewardship. The deadline for essays is normally April 30th.

Successful applicants must attend a recognized post-secondary institution within 12 months of receiving the award. In special circumstances, students may defer the bursary until September of the year following graduation. Such deferrals should be requested in writing and are granted at the discretion of the bursary committee.
Bursary amounts vary from year to year depending on availability of funds. In 2002, two bursaries of $250 were awarded.

For more information on the Fraser Headwaters Alliance bursary, contact Jill Howard at (250) 968-4410 or email

Previous recipients of the FHA bursary include:

Anna Griffith (1998)
Christine Dewey (1998)
Gordon Moseley (1999)
Josh Hammerstedt (2000)
Ashley Rondeau (2001)
Sasha Lewis (2001)
Amanda Wilkinson (2002)
Ben Mullen (2002)
Leah Bachrach (2003)
Kim Blake (2003)

Ben Mullen, 2002

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