“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                         -David Attenborough

FHA Environmental Bursary

Recipients of the FHA bursary


The Fraser Headwaters Alliance offers two annual bursaries for secondary school students graduating  from a high school or home school program in the Canoe or Robson Valley.  Candidates must demonstrate some level of commitment to environmental stewardship and be planning to attend a post-secondary institution the following year.  The size of the award is based on the amount accumulated in the fund, currently $250 for each bursary.

To apply for the bursary, interested students must submit a short (300-500 word) essay outlining their concern for the environment and describing ways in which they have contributed to environmental stewardship.  The deadline for essays is normally May 31st.

Successful applicants must attend a recognized post-secondary institution within 12 months of receiving the award.  In special circumstances, students may defer the bursary until September of the year following graduation.  Such deferrals should be requested in writing and are granted at the discretion of the bursary committee.

For more information on the Fraser Headwaters Alliance bursary, contact Jill Howard at (250) 968-4410 or email 

Bursary Brochure


Anna Griffith  (1998)

Christine Dewey (1998)

Gordon Moseley (1999)

Josh Hammerstedt (2000)

Sasha Lewis (2001)

Ashley Rondeau (2001)

Ben Mullen (2002)

Amanda Wilkinson (2002)

Leah Bachrach (2003)

Kimberly Blake (2003)

Stacie Coder (2005)

Rebecca Thompson (2006)

Tess Hammerstedt (2007)

Lena Zbinden (2007)

Lindee Franke (2009)

Chantal Kozachenko (2010)

Jesse Ford (2011)

Rebecca Element (2014)

JD Cardinal (2015)

Ye Won Han (2016)

Sydney Philpott (2017)

Jael Reimer  (2019)

Linnaea Swets (2019)

Saeda Rose  (2020)

Bradley McFarland  (2022)

Esther Keim (2023)

Rivershed Society of British Columbia (RSBC)

The Rivershed Society of British Columbia (RSBC) was formed in 1996, in the wake of Fin Donnelly’s first swim of the length of the Fraser River. For the past decade, the RSBC has been delivering educational and leadership programs, creating public awareness, building stewardship capacity, and promoting sustainable solutions throughout BC’s riversheds.

Healthy riversheds are key to sustainability, but human activity is the major factor contributing to the loss of biodiversity within these ecosystems. With over four million people now living and working in B.C.’s riversheds, resources are being extracted, exported and consumed much faster than they are being replenished. This is why we need to educate emergent leaders, so that they too can make a difference and have access to sustainable choices in order to contribute to maintaining rivershed biodiversity.

The Fraser Headwaters Alliance hosts the Sustainable Living Leadership Program each year as they journey down the Fraser River for 1,400 kms by canoe, raft, shuttle van, and on foot.  As they travel through ten of BC’s fourteen biogeoclimatc zones, they study watersheds, salmon, resource management and what they can do to lower their ecological footprint.  They start their adventure at Mt. Robson and stop in Dunster where they stop for a community dinner hosted by Fraser Headwaters Alliance and share their interests and plans.  Several days later, members of FHA join the SLLP students in Crescent Spur for the day and take them into the Goat River Trail, clearing trail and exploring the watershed.